This ain’t no easy bake oven coffee cake

I was in a bit of a panic (ok, I won’t lie…a major panic) a few months ago. My favorite coffee cake mix was no where…I mean no where … be found at the grocery store. What mix, you ask?  Well, Aunt Jemima’s Easy Mix Coffee Cake, that’s what.

Aunt Jemima Easy Mix Coffee Cake

I use to make this with my mom when I was a little girl.  It comes with a clear disposable bag that already has the baking/flour mixture in it. You just add an egg and milk and then squeeze it all up…get your groove thing on! My sisters and I use to fight over who got to do the squeezing when we were pipsqueaks….”no, you did it last time, it’s my turn now, MOM!!!!!” Ah, bless my mom’s sweet soul for putting up with us heathen little girls. We use to play this game called “mommy can’t see us”….master-minded by my older sister, of course. We would “sneak” into the kitchen when mom wasn’t looking and move stuff around on her, for example, take a spoon she was using….she’d turn around to go grab the spoon and it would be gone…or in another spot….or would magically re-appear on a different day. We thought the game was so much fun. Our mom, on the other hand, thought we either had a ghost in the house or she was losing her marbles!  You could just see the RELIEF on her face when we told her about the game years later (as adults).

Alright, I got off subject (not uncommon). Once you get the mix all squeezed up, you then pour it into a little cardboard tray. Yep, that’s right…I said a cardboard tray……but don’t let that fool you, this ain’t no “easy bake oven” coffee cake people! It’s the best coffee cake ever! You then top it with the cinnamon crumb mixture and bake it. Simple, easy, and oh-so-delicious.

I carried the Aunt Jemima coffee cake-makin’ tradition on with my daughters.  They are now teenagers…but they still love their Aunt Jemima coffee cake and plan to carry the tradition on with their kids (hopefully not in the too near future). Which is why, I was in a complete panic when I didn’t see it in its normal spot at the grocery store…AAGGGGHHHHH!

But never fear, there is this amazing place called….. AMAZON….where I found you can purchase it by the case (12 boxes for only $31)!!! Holy crap…I am in heaven.

I also found another great website (Hometown Favorites-check it out, very cool) where you can purchase it individually for $2.49 each:

<SIGH> Tragedy prevented.

At this point, I will apologize if you are reading this expecting some awesome from-scratch coffee cake recipe….because, well, you aren’t getting it! Until next time….


6 thoughts on “This ain’t no easy bake oven coffee cake

  1. Are you going to be posting a recipe for Aunt Jemima Easy Mix Coffee Cake now that the product has been discontinued and you can’t buy it anywhere?

  2. Thank you, thank you! This was a favorite at my parents house when I was growing up. It then became a favorite of my children. My oldest son and grandkids are coming for a visit so I’ll need to order some.

    • I’m so sorry for the delay! You used to be able to find them on Amazon but I believe they have completely discontinued the product and the items on Amazon were extras…and now the extras are all gone. I’m so sad! I loved this!

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